Monday, August 11, 2008


There are many reasons for praying. Here are three:

1. To connect to God.

2. To have the feeling of “being heard.”

3. To feel spiritually connected. It can produce a spiritual feeling similar to that experienced during meditation.

Traditionally, Jews pray to God three times a day, in recognition of the three times the patriarchs, Abraham (morning), Isaac (afternoon), and Jacob (evening), prayed in Genesis 19:27, 24:63, 28:11. While a set formula for prayer was established long ago and may be found in the traditional prayer book (siddur), those who are not familiar with the formal prayers or do not have access to a prayer book may choose to recite or compose their own prayers.

The most obvious prayer is a personal plea for something needed. However, it is sometimes even more appropriate to pray for someone else or to simply praise God for all He has done and continues to do for us - such as giving us life, clothing, a home, a job and food.

While anyone can have a bad day (and may choose to blame God for it), the source of all goodness is, of course, God. An ancient and important way to recognize the goodness in our lives is through prayer.

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