Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Seder In The USA

Don't miss the newest music video release on Jewish Treats' YouTube Channel: Best Seder In The USA!


Unknown said...

Why did YouTube pull your new Best Seder in the USA video? I was sharing it w/ everyone!! I feel like it was an anti-semitic move on YouTube's part!

kaye herbert said...

yeah, im with cbm, do you know why the video has been removed?

id like to share it with more people, is there another site we can watch it on?

Anonymous said...

I am not Jewish and LOVED the video, posted it on facebook and then wham, it was gone. HOW coME and HOW COME I cannot find it anywhere else?

Lame excuse for U-tube.

MoHub said...

I tried to share this with my mother, who does not have a computer, and was shocked to see it's been removed. I don't get it. There was nothing harmful or misleading about it.

And it couldn't be spam; Spam isn't kosher.

Unknown said...

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